Nowadays the buzzword is Disruption!

What is DISRUPTION and how it transforms the mindset of people who want to succeed and win competition. By definition, disruption means interrupt an existing process. It is just the same as breaking on what we always do and comfortable with. Many don’t like it especially those who want status quo. But for people who are risk takers and do not afraid on what lies ahead, they consider disruption as an opportunity.

The best way to explain the meaning of disruption is by sharing with you real events that happened currently.

Let us start with Transportation. For so many years, if we don’t own a car, we ride public utility vehicles like jeepneys and buses. And for those who can afford, they ride a taxi. But in 2009 an idea of hiring a vehicle and sharing its cost among passengers morphed into Uber. That idea did not come into fruition right away, but 6 years later until this time it became a huge business. When it started, many became hard critics and predicted that that idea would not work. Why? Because most of car owners were hesitant to let someone (strangers) ride on their cars. But, look, Uber is well known globally at this time. Though our traditional way of transportation still exists but at least commuters have now an option to reach their destination conveniently and at ease.

Second example is on accommodation. We are used to stay on hotels and lodging houses. And if you are not a shy type person stay on relative once away from home. When AirBNB was introduced, many doubted on that idea for most of us – it has been part in our culture – not to be comfortable to let strangers stay in our house and share with them our appliances. But nowadays mindset has changed and adapted on the our current trend. More and more people are on that business. AirBNB is now the options for most travelers than staying in hotels.

They are the disruptive ideas that make these things happen. As long as our ideas would make meaningful experiences to others, we need to implement it and make it happen.

With this, the idea of WEDELIVER emerges. We will continue working on a formula for us to succeed: Technology + Convenience + Quality Service = Customer’s Satisfaction.

How it works?
We were used to go to the stores to buy groceries we need. Let us disrupt it! Let us give convenience to our customers by providing them quality delivery services using technology. Would it not be nice to just let them do their other household chores and leave to us their groceries purchase and deliver it directly at their doors? That’s what we do! WEDELIVER.

How we start?
We implement our plan by phases.
Phase 1 – We will start by targeting small market (Sari-sari Stores of Barangays in Basilisa, Dinagat Province) and by selling out only few items (Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Oil and Sugar).
Phase 2 – We will extend our market and sell basic groceries to include teachers of Basilisa and some areas in San Jose.
Phase 3 – Make our services available to the whole island of Dinagat province.
Phase 4 – Offer our platform to other provinces in the country.

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